World change, comment on China etc.

Hello people!

A bit tired myself, but IF the world is a metaphor for how we are doing individually, this is a good article!:

Tom Luongo: Petroyuan is Only the Beginning, Pop Goes the Metals Market [Link]

China moving in… Closer! A small apparently irrelevant fact for most of us that could change the world so much in just a few short years. The trouble is is our energy fields are not keyed out to really take finance and things as seriously as they should be taken. So these facts and this information makes almost no difference to our polarity! Quite amazing huh!

Here is another interesting article, I wonder if this guy is right and the world really is this crazy!:

Stillness in the Storm: Benjamin Fulford — May 21st 2018: Trump’s Universal Trade War Declaration is Bringing Events to a Head [Link]


In any case, there is a related purge of corrupt actors still continuing inside the U.S. as well. On this front, according to Pentagon sources, there are now more than 30,000 sealed indictments ready to be acted upon soon. The trigger for these arrests may be the publication of emails, etc. that will “bust Hillary (Clinton) for underage sex and other crimes.”

It feels like something is going to happen soon. Nevertheless, life goes on! For me personally things are a bit stuck!


Dreams and low paid life!

Today I had this dream about a friend of mine strangling my mother and me needing to hit him over the head with a boiling frying pan to stop him.

I have heard it said before that one person is usually a metaphor for another person and I may know what that means!

Aside from that… I am currently too poor to buy a Scrubs boxset!

The dream though, plus, I suspect a relation to some of the music I am playing… Because I have enough time to relax and play music being off work for a week, is showing quite well how work effects me!

Anyway, biding time for something good to happen!


Life and healing.

Funny, very creepy stuff but funny!:

Great lines from Dr Cox.

Here are some lyrics, that I am thinking of:

The worlds spinning madly, it drifts in the dark,

Swings through a hollow of haze,

Like petals in the wind, they’re puppets through the silver strings of souls,

Of Changes.

There is still a lot of bluster over Megan Markle but no real proof she is a negative individual yet!

Things are dark. I have believed when I was young that things are guided to the utmost but recently my faith on that has been wavering! It’s hard to believe these things sometimes. Especially because so many people are just thrown out in the cold! What makes me different from all those other s that can’t get jobs?

Anyway, this is all life. I’ve been wondering with Emery Smith talking about devices that can heal the earth if we, on earth, will also be holistically healed when this happens?

Music and politics.

Had all these deep political thoughts. But first for some music:

Music is more profound for me than I previously mentioned. Earlier I had absolutely no opinion on the royal wedding… Nothing! Just absolutely nothing. Nothing good nothing bad. A mild interest in how this might link to David Icke’s theories! But more as a laugh than something serious.

I listened to this from Elton John:

I just felt good about the whole thing afterward because I thought… ‘What would Diana say?’ She would want us to be happy for Harry! And she would have approved of a ‘multi cultural’ relationship if there was any doubt that was OK.

Later I had more interesting thoughts. Such as about the astrology between them but… I can’t recall these so easily now!


Two things that say everything. Italy is BIG:


… and, the big one:

Benjamin Fulford: Trump’s universal trade war declaration is bringing events to a head [Link]

This points out how significant a small event I was reading about elsewhere is… US and EU policies have suddenly massively diverged over Iran. EU is actually sanctioning companies for co- operating with US sanctions!

So much better than Q!

Anyway that’s it for tonight!… Good luck folks!

Just some good music.

This is a good song:

It creates a lot of emotion inside me. The main thing that can get to me is music. But especially recently I have been watching little excerpts of Scrubs and, it is a very real world emotionally relevant series. Here is a great excerpt where this song is played:

Probably one of the most intense and real life sections in Scrubs and it happened at the beginning. Most series really need to mature before they have these moments.

Here is another beautiful moment with music, although, almost every episode of Scrubs has some well placed music:

There is a lot going on politically with Italy, and certain other areas but… You know… I don’t have the energy!

Everyone’s gotta learn sometime.

The spiritual path I sort of “started” on, had as part of it looking after my body. Yesterday and this morning my bloodsugars have not been good. This is not terrible as I used to think it was BUT, it does have an effect. So need to get down to that.

Mostly what I have been thinking about is:

A) Leftists, and much of the general population can dish things out but not then take things.

B) Also, a song by ‘The Fray’ I first saw on Scrubs… ‘How to save a life’. Quite profound!

However, bad bloodsugars has made me very sluggish so, am having to rush to get to work and have no time to go any deeper into anything. It has been nice not paying attention to this false flag in America, it is also an opportunity for my ‘Antifa’ song!


Sat down and nothing to say, it is all going on in my head but it is not coming through.

Interviews, exhausted… Shucks!

General life stuff.

Life is starting to feel weird. I am interviewing for jobs at the moment, and obviously not getting some of these! I do feel a little like a leaf in the wind! Quite often in my life forces will guide me and someone else together, and definitely, strongly on the “someone else”, then the ‘someone else’ has no intention on following up on this… A strange situation, one that karma should rectify, but doesn’t.

Not being able to invest energy and move forward with my last job, owing partly to the fact that a high turnover means a lot of them are leaving, and not yet working in a new job, means I am meeting friends and family, that is good. But it does feel a little, especially when I am turned down after an interview, that it doesn’t seem to matter whether I am doing one thing or another.

For some reason I have a creepy general feeling about what the deep state get up to and how they are able to continue on without anyone stopping them!

Anyway, so where we are with politics is that we are getting cryptic little nuggets from Q and all the other normal Alliance information that would come through David Wilcock and others does not come! Strange, perhaps this is subconsciously related to why I have stopped politics so much myself. The Uranian energy isn’t filtering down to everone or, perhaps, as has moved into Taurus, is taking a new manifestation.

World is moving forward.

Busy again!

I do have some things to say though!

The first, is that David Wilcock came out explaining a bit more about Q Anon!

Really, for me, if this is going to continue, I am not going to spend a lot more energy on it. I don’t care. I do not have the cultural background to understand what Q Anon is talking about most of the time anyway! I am not American. If Q Anon was saying ‘Theresa May is actually pro Brexit,’ or something similar, I might be inclined to try and figure out the clues but I simply don’t know!

Now I am trying to move/ change careers. My vibration has suddenly opened and I am a bit more aware of David Wilcock type things. It’s strange, when one of the other guys left that was similar to me he said he was getting loads of really intense dreams and now I am starting to get really intense dreams as well. Perhaps the place has a kind of ‘healing’ vibe. I’ve learned a lot about working in an office environment and working in a strongly female environment… Basically being inducted into “real life” after a slow start! (A healing vibe quite often means other metaphysical work has to simply stop!)

Life is good anyway, I am busy the next few days and very happy with that!

I’m hoping this positive vibe is coming from Uranus into Taurus and hence will continue!


The change!

So this is the day! This is the Uranus into Taurus day and also, there is a meteor to pass close to earth today, right past the statue of liberty! Asteroid 2010 WC9! Gives me the creeps that does though!

Nice times recently, hanging out with friends. Hearing incredible poetry! Getting plenty of interviews, that is always nice! In fact, just as I will be on the phone to an interviewer today is the exact moment Uranus does go into Taurus!

I do a bit of a thought experiment sometimes in that I compare global events to my own personal life as symbology and believe, there is sometimes some connection. This started when I found out a person I was having trouble with had a name that had a connection with ‘Isis’ and I just thought of myself as Russia/ Alliance, a friend as America and the anger and problems that girl had as Da’esh!

There is also an energy I feel travels through people and groups. For instance, sometimes there will be an alternative media video of some sort and that energy will sort of ‘imprint’ itself on yourself and your life! So if it were to suddenly wink out that would have an effect on the world!

The reason I bring this up is because of the Q posts. Perhaps these analogies simply cannot be made and is the product of the mind that thinks too romantically/ metaphorically and crazily? Or perhaps it is true. Perhaps there is a situation, somewhere in my life, a way that the sudden lost faith and realisation that Q is a fraud will effect it! Who, somewhere near my life, has been offering that sort of false hope to people?

For instance, is it instructive that this has happened as Uranus has gone into Taurus?

Anyway, things definitely feel dark but I feel good I can get through this! When people show you darkness over a long period of time and you have to respond with something eventually, of course it will not feel good. But it leads eventually, in a good direction!